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What we offer & How it works:

Private Tutoring / Small group tutoring

Licensed Tutors (License from KHDA, Ministry of Education in Dubai)

Experienced in IB Curriculum with minimum work experience of 3 years in a IB Board School

Certified Lesson plans as per IB Maths specifications for Blended teaching

Hundreds of respected and top school references / testimonials

Access to thousands of practice questions prepared by our expert tutors and access to Gore's Q Bank

Regular tests and evaluation

Past papers solutions

IGCSE Maths Tutor Dubai is Currently Working With Dubai Students From the Following Schools:

  1. Dubai College
  2. Jumeirah College
  3. Dubai British School
  4. JESS Ranches
  5. Repton
  6. English College
  7. Gems Wellington School
  8. Gems Metropole
  9. Sunmarke school
  10. Winchestor School
  11. Dubai Gems
  12. Cambridege International

Our lesson plans are developed specially to supplement classroom teaching, students are taken through all the key topics and techniques step by step; promoting interest, engagement and discussion.

Call us today for any of your IGCSE Math tutoring requirement. We will be happy to assist you with our free demo session.